6 Photo Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture Online

19 Jul , 2017 Blog

6 Photo Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture Online

When you’re selling your old furniture, a great photo will not only get it sold faster, but it will probably net you a few more bucks.

Yard sales may be the old standby for unloading unwanted furniture, but when it comes to speedily shedding your stuff, the Ecommerce websites are the best. The only drawback: It’s hard to convince browsers and customers to click the button “BUY” when they can’t see the piece in person.

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Here, we would like to present a list of 6 tips for photographing your pieces of furniture to help them look their best:

  1. Clean it up.
    It’s obvious, but giving the piece a quick wipe-down to remove dust and fingerprints should be the first thing you do, experts stress the point that you should remember to clean around the piece, too clutter or garbage within the shot will only distract from what you’re trying to sell.
  2. Use natural light.
    Sunlight will help bring out the piece’s natural tones better than overhead lighting. Try to photograph in the morning or early evening; harsh midday light can cause sharp shadows that make it difficult to see details.
  3. Show scale.

It’s also important to show scale, so people know the true size of the furniture. Dimensions are helpful to list, but it’s hard to actually picture the size of something like a couch without a photo that shows it in relation to other items. Find some things that people will be familiar with and place them near the furniture so they can see what they’re actually dealing with.

    1. 4. Give it context.
      Photographing a couch or a table in a natural setting helps buyers get a sense of scale and, helps them visualize it in their home. Always keep the camera level with the subject to avoid distorting the look of the piece.
    2. 5. Show it all.
      Shoot the front, back, and sides, and any details, such as fabric prints, joints, knobs, and surfaces. Move Loot aims to show five photos per piece.
    3. 6. Be upfront about damage.
      Being honest early on is the best policy. We find that photographs can do the best job of showing the true story in a way that won’t discourage a potential buyer. Seeing the damage can put it into good context for what is required or not required to fix it.”

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