Leverage Your Inspiration and Creativity to Make & Sell Online Jewelry

19 Jul , 2017 Blog

Leverage Your Inspiration and Creativity to Make & Sell Online Jewelry

These days, it’s not uncommon to see people buy already made jewelry, build an online store from scratch or sign up to the popular eCommerce platform and sell the same jewelry at super profits. On the contrary, it’s difficult to come across artists who draw inspirations from the environment and fellow artists and turn them into something creative and scintillating. The most surprising thing is that these original artists don’t go for precious metals like gold, platinum or diamond; they utilize steel, wood, and leather to come up with something unique and exhilarating. With that in mind, here are tips and tricks on how to start a make and sell online jewelry business:

  • Research material costs and set competitive prices for your sell online jewelry business

Making and selling jewelry online is a tricky business. It’s also not for the faint hearted. You must put in extra effort to research and determine material costs, labor cost (which is your time) and overhead costs (office supplies, utilities, and insurance). The purpose of doing all this is to avoid a situation where you have to charge $4000 for a single necklace, especially in today’s cutthroat jewelry market. The golden rule is to set your material cost between 25 to 40 percent. This cost should also include your time input and cost of listing your products on an eCommerce platform.

  • Put your sell online jewelry marketing strategies in order upfront

In this day and age, it would be unfathomable not to leverage the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) to create awareness about your products. You should have a Facebook and Twitter account already. So the next course of action should be to create a Facebook page and customize your Twitter account for your online business. If you’re the kind that has a way with words, set up a blog for your jewelry business to gather organic traffic.

  • Ensure your social media accounts are active to sell online jewelry

It would defeat the purpose of having these accounts when they are inactive because your followers will not be able to know your products well without engagement. The big question most newbie social media marketers ask is how frequent to post on social media. Well, two to three times each day would do the trick. Make a point to blog at least three times each week. Share your blog posts on your social media account to direct traffic to your account. Within a short time, you will garner a pool of followers who could translate into clients and conversions.

  • Forget about instant success when starting out on sell online jewelry business

When starting any business, the thought of overnight success should not linger in your mind. Businesses, especially sell online jewelry businesses take time to stabilize and start making profits. Don’t expect to create an elegant store, list your original jewelry and start to crack. Building a profit making business takes years. Get easy. If you don’t realize your target after the first six months, re-evaluate your marketing strategies like blogs and social media. Also, take a comprehensive look at your audience. Also, recognize that there are other original jewelry makers who are competing for the same market. Adjust your strategies accordingly.

  • Make the kind of sell online jewelry you have passion about

Most newbie jewelry makers think that to make it in the jewelry selling business; you have to make exactly what others successful jewelry makers are making, even if their passion isn’t in it. One thing is for sure, if you don’t enjoy jewelry that you make, there is strong possibility that your clients won’t like it too. Find what you love to make, find a unique angle and come out with an extraordinary jewelry design that will blow the competition out the water and take the market by storm.


If you’re starting a making and selling jewelry business today, you certainly need to keep these tips and tricks in your back pocket to have any chance of success in this domain. The best advice any successful jewel maker and seller can give you is: Be patient and do your thing.

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